Notes / Tips: Once completed, you can slightly adjust the “tightness” of the “pull” by rotating the shell in the same direction as tightening the cartomizer (so as not to loosen the cartomizer).

Due to the design of the eGo-W (shell surrounding cartomizer) condensation may occur. To avoid condensation, continue to inhale momentarily after the button has been released. This will allow all the vapour to be inhaled and reduce any condensation. There is also a “condensation catcher” inside the mouthpiece/tip that can be removed and cleaned if necessary but most users will just blow out any excess condensation that has formed inside the mouthpiece tip.

Should condensation occur, you can use some tissue to remove from the top of the cartomizer and also inside mouthpiece “tip”. Push out “condensation catcher”

(with needle or pin if needed) and clean or just blow out through tip. Don’t inject too quickly or pressure inside cartomizer may cause to overflow. Overfilling can cause liquid to find it’s way to the battery connection.

Should this occur, simply remove with tissue.

Using Syringe : When drawing e-liquid into syringe via the needle, please understand it may not fill immediately as the needle gauge is very small and you will need to allow time for it to slowly fill the syringe. You may feel pressure when you pull on the syringe and feel the liquid is not being drawn into it, however, if you hold the syringe handle in place and wait a few seconds, the pressure will slowly fill the e-liquid into the syringe.

Remember, VG e-liquid needs a larger 1.2 gauge as its consistency is thicker than PG.

To reduce the consistency/thickness of VG…see also: Liquids

PG / VG syringe or blunt needle bottle can be found in eGo-W accessories.

PG e-liquid will fill quicker than VG as P.G has a thinner consistency.

If using a smaller gauge syringe (0.8), you can warm the VG liquid, eg: by sitting bottle in container of hot water, eg: cup, making it’s consistency thinner and this method is used by some users, however, you may also use the needle bottle to fill directly into cartomizer without any heating or see here to reduce V.G consistency. Liquids

If using “blunt” needle to fill a new cartomizer for the first time, it is recommended you pierce the silicone cap first (with sharp syringe or needle) to avoid “pushing down” and distorting the cartomizer silicone cap as new eGo-W cartomizers are sealed half way down this silicone cap.

Step 1: Screw off and remove the eGo-W pen cap from the eGo-W Shell.

To assemble your eGo-W electronic cigarette.     eGo-W Booklet

Step 2: Screw on and connect your eGo battery with the eGo-W clear cartomizer.

Your eGo-W will now be in a stand-by state.

Step 3: Pull off the eGo-W cartomizer shell and you will find the eGo-W cartomizer.

Next: How to re-fill e-liquid to the eGo-W cartomizer.

Take off the bottle top.

Cut the tip off the bottle (if necessary).

Put the syringe needle into the bottle & draw the e-liquid slowly inside the Injector.

Please also note : VG (Vegetable Glycerine) e-liquid is a thicker consistency e-liquid than PG (Propylene Glycol). A standard PG syringe gauge size is about 0.8 gauge whilst the VG syringe is closer to 1.2 gauge.

Always be very careful and show due care when using syringes.

Always keep out of  reach of children and pets.

Step 4: Once your syringe is filled, insert needle into small hole on the side of the cartomizer and fill e-liquid into the eGo-W clear cartomizer… slowly.

When filling new cartomizer with “blunt needle bottle”, pierce hole with syringe or needle first to avoid pushing or distorting the silicone cap as new cartomizers are sealed half way down.

Step 5: Push the eGo-W cartomizer shell onto the eGo-W clear cartomizer again

and your ready to go.

To charge your eGo battery, you simply screw the eGo battery into the USB charger, then plug it into a PC or AC-USB Adapter.  

Your eGo battery is ready for normal use now and subsequent charging times should be kept for about 3 hours or when your charger light turns green.

Charging times will depend on what size battery you have.

These usually range from 650 mAh to 1300 mAh. (3.5 hrs - 5 hrs respectively)

How to Charge your eGo battery:

Portable Power Unit

Portable Power Unit :

Portable Power Unit Carry Bag Portable Power Unit Adapters Portable Power Unit power lead